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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post #6 What Happened To Poor Frankee's Leg??!

         As, unfortunately, this story is about to take a turn for the worst, I would like to apologize for my very strong use of dialog in yesterday's post.Although, sadly, it truly did unfold on paper as it unfolded on that awful night I regret recreating the night with such strong depiction. It is only my hope that I have not dissauded you, the readers, from staying with me on this journey of strength and resilence.
         The morning started the same as every summer morning, I got up at 5:00 am and the bigger little mongruls moved from my bed, asleep to the living room, asleep. I went in the kitchen and started my little 4 cup coffee pot of which I always made a full pot and drank 1/2. Then back down the hall to wash my face and brush my teeth. After I was done in the  bathroom I headed over to Frankee's playpen to see how she was doing. When I looked down I just could not believe what I saw. It took a long minute for it all to  sink in and register with me."What?" How?" Oh my God... Frankee are you Ok.? Frankee was lying in her bed with her paw hanging out at a strange angle. It was all bloody and chewed raw as was her arm were the gauze and splint were. Frankee had chewed into the seams of the wrapping of the gauze and had continued to chew away in an attempt to get the gauze off. Her bandage was all bloody and I truly saw the pain in her little eyes.This was the first time I had ever dealt with any kind of injury with one of my pets, and I had made the largest mistake I ever could have. I trusted the Vet. And went along with what they told me. I had learned the hard way from my own injuries and the dealings with so many doctors and sugreons, You had to be your own advocate. You have to follow up on the doctor. If he/she was a good doctor they would have respect for you, if not, well than you wound up with what I was about to connect to on a very cannine  level.
I should have known to ask them to put a collar on her, so she wouldn't be able to reach it. My poor little goosey it was all my fault. I should have demanded a phone call (at the very least) from the vet for an update as to where everything was going to be left. Rather than letting it be OK. that she skated out the back door as soon as Frankee was "Done." I should have stayed up with Frankee...I scooped Frankee up and put her in her hip pouch that I always wore with her in it. I put the pouch over my shoulder, sat down cuddled Frankee and the pouch in my lap and then picked up the cordless. I needed to sit for a mninute and gather my thoughts and get my cool together. There was no room for the asbolutely boiling over the top anger that  I was feeling first and foremost. Frankee was now in an even worse way and I needed to get some action taken and taken now. There were no more "yes, Ok. whatever you say "Dr"" Clearly this vet was in over her head and probably very comfortable with her every other week neuters and her yearly Rabies and vaccines routine of her to be desired  " housecall" exsistence. My first emergency call went in at 6:30am. There were many more to follow until I finally received a call back at  about Not from Dr. X but from her "receptionist." I told her of the going ons to which she replied "If the bandage has been moved then Dr. X is going to want to see her and reset it when she comes in this morning. Let me get ahold of dr.x, let her know what's going on and see if she wants me to bring you in right away." I said "Ok" and hung up, keeping my cool the entire time. You see, what I was worried about was the shifting of the bone, I knew everything had to stay in place as it was wrapped, and the fact that she had a number of areas where she had chewed  and the bandage moved I knew wasn't good, not to mention all the raw areas.
The phone rang and before it even finished the first ring it was on speakerphone and I had already said "hello" in anticipation. I told the receptionist  we were ready to come back to the hospital...,and then I sat there with my mouth open as I listened to her speak. Jenna was asking "what is it Mom?' in the back ground and all I heard was the "receptionist telling me that Dr.X had left for vacation and I needed to call her "coveringDr.,"Dr." Y down in Seymour. Well, I think you can figure out how this went, so I will save you the play by play, but to wrap it up I told the receptionist That I knew that was a lie and she had just said something entirely differnt  5 minutes ago. To which she denied ever saying what she did say, so... Yeah- that's when I saw red again and I said "Are you sure about that?"  "Because I have you recorded on my voice mail telling me something else! And the next phone call I am going to make is to my lawyer-I'm sure he'll not only find the voice mail of interest but I am pretty sure he will find it  pretty curious how you all make your cleints pay for vet services with a big chunk of cash!! To that there was silence on the other end of the phone. It took me a minute to collect myself, and when I was thought I was" pretty" calm there was still silence "Hello?" "hello? are you still there?" "Yes I am." "Ok... "I just answer the phone and I do what I am told..." This is not what I wanted to hear... I said in a (well yes) angry voice " I do not care where the h*ll Dr. x wants to say she is, please tell her if she does not call me on my cell within 1 hour she is coming home to a lawsuit." I hung up the phone, picked up my computer, and typed  "" into the address bar.


  1. Is anyone going to finish the contest?

  2. We have a cat named Fluffy! She had scratched herself and I was treating it. I have tried all kinds of htings and they would work fine until she would scratch the wound open again. Well, even though I knew the wound would heal we ended up taking her to the vet. The vet tested her for skin disease, just to be sure that the wound was not reopening for reasons other than her own scratching. Anways, to make a long story short, once she had the right kind of elizabethean collar, the would healed so well that all the fur came back and everything...

    I would love to hear how Frankee is doing, regardless of the contest!