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Monday, March 21, 2011

Contest Post #4 The Night Frankee Jumped So High...

     It was a regular summer night, We were watching one of our regular summer shows, "America's Got Talent". Frankee was in her play pen and the other bigger dogs (largest being Teddy @ 18lbs) were all hanging out with us. The rain was pouring down, but Teddy went to the door regardless and started doing his "I want out " routine. This basically consists of him barking and licking the door until someone lets him out. That someone would be me. Let's face it, I am the Mom of a 14 yr. old girl, she does alot of things to help me, don't get me wrong and I am telling the truth when I say she really doesn't complain, but letting the dog out she does not do. I open the door and off Teddy goes into the rain and the night to run around like a barking banchee for 5 minutes, when upon completion will come back to the door and  repeat the process that got him out in the first place, to get himself back in.
      Frankee had developed abit of an attraction to Teddy. I think she thought he was cool.Whatever Teddy did Frankee did. Teddy barked,Frankee barked. Teddy stopped, Frankee stopped. Teddy did a play growl at Archee and Frankee was right over to that side of her playpen growling. So, it was no suprise when Teddy came in all excited by the rain and started to jump, that when  I spun around (As fast as Ican, given the siuation) Frankee was "catchin' some air" She  no sooner lands when off she springs again like a piece of popcorn in a popper. "Oh no Frankee, STOP!" I yelled .
But I was too late.What I had feared, happened. Frankee came down on all fours and then her front paw snapped under her. My poor Goosy started crying at the top of her lungs. We both sprung into super mode and Jenna scooped her up and gave her to me and within the couple of minutes it took me to manuever to the bathroom, I had calmed her enough that she stopped crying all together.Now, She was just shaking like a muracca. I sat down on the toilet and tried to evaluate what exactly  was her injury. Well, there wasn't much evaluating needed ,as her left little fore arm and paw lay limp, just hanging there.Now,  I have absolutely zero experience with broken bones, but I was pretty sure that was what I was looking at. Instantely a million "what ifs" started to fill my brain. People who are not animal lovers  really do not understand how these little guys sneak into our heart and are as an important part of your family as your own baby. they are your baby. they are your cute little toddler forever doing adorable things and forever being your "furbaby". To lose a pet is loosing a part of your family. I also have to say that the way dogs register pain is amazing to me. There she lay with broken bones and as soon as I started to soothe her she stopped crying. Being in a high level of pain on a daily basis myself, I found that to be absolutely  extraordinary.
                  Jenna got me the phone and dialed the number of the Vet while I soothed Frankee.
" The Vet" Who got strike  1 upon the first visit was now up to strike 2., and  I couldn't help but think that we were about to strike out.

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  1. How horrible... I hope you will not make me wait too long to find out what happened!!