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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contest Post #1The Day Frankee The Chihuahua Came to Town...

Happy Frankee Thursday!! Happy St. Patrick's Day
I want to apologize ahead of time- I am running on Frankee's fumes right now, I have not been sleeping well the past couple of nights and I don't know what happens but when I
get on the computer to talk about Frankee its as though Frankee's shot me with a sleepy arrow! *YAWN* who's got the toothpicks? Frankee chews them- So no toothpicks for Frankee!
Give me a minute, *AYE AYE AYE*. Ok., shaking off all that "I just want to cuddle with Frankee and go nighty- nighty stuff.
Frankee came into our family menagerie in a very round about way.
It was Christmas 2009. My daughter I were in a shop to pick up a, according to my daughter, one of a kind, doesn't exsist anywhere else in the universe, must have collar. My Dear daughter got away with this reasoning for one very pertinent reason and one reason only;( beside the fact that I was about to see Frankee) The collar was on sale. So, while my dear daughter was over contemplating some very pink hair dye, for a very white dog, (Thank goodness Frankee's brown!) I noticed a little crib, I hadn't given much thought to it before, other than subconsciously dismissing it as part of the decor, just as I was going to put the ax on the pink hair dye, I saw something move...(Now, Before I start going on about how so crazy cute Frankee was, I should tell you, I am like a Chihuahua homing unit. I don't know what happens, but my radar goes up, antenneas get raised and beep... beep... beep... The words run across my brain...**CHIHUAHUA**CHIHUAHUA** CHIHUAHUA in the HOUSE!!! And sure enough there was little Frankee. Frankee was SO tiny. I had never seen a Chihuahua so tiny. She was half the size of my hand and while I looked into those big brown eyes the size of marbles, all I could think of was that our Guinea pig was bigger than she was. Frankee shared the crib with a little Yorkie who just as tiny as herself. I felt like I was there for a reason. As though I was supposed to see her. I wanted to scoop Frankee up then and there...Then, my little love affair came to a halt and my heart broke all within a matter of 20 seconds, as I read a sign that said "Chihuahua $1,400.00. "
I think I made a"phew"' sound, and looked down one last time at Frankee. Feeling broken hearted that I was going to have to leave her behind I collected the pink lady,minus her hair dye, plus a collar, pulled my crutches on and without looking down, I maneuvered past the crib.
As I got behind the driver's seat, I had the words Frankee, Frankee, Frankee... running across my brain.


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  2. She is soooo cute!! They have the most precious faces. Does she tremble? I know someone who had a chihuahua and it would tremble when new people were around