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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Post #6 What Happened To Poor Frankee's Leg??!

         As, unfortunately, this story is about to take a turn for the worst, I would like to apologize for my very strong use of dialog in yesterday's post.Although, sadly, it truly did unfold on paper as it unfolded on that awful night I regret recreating the night with such strong depiction. It is only my hope that I have not dissauded you, the readers, from staying with me on this journey of strength and resilence.
         The morning started the same as every summer morning, I got up at 5:00 am and the bigger little mongruls moved from my bed, asleep to the living room, asleep. I went in the kitchen and started my little 4 cup coffee pot of which I always made a full pot and drank 1/2. Then back down the hall to wash my face and brush my teeth. After I was done in the  bathroom I headed over to Frankee's playpen to see how she was doing. When I looked down I just could not believe what I saw. It took a long minute for it all to  sink in and register with me."What?" How?" Oh my God... Frankee are you Ok.? Frankee was lying in her bed with her paw hanging out at a strange angle. It was all bloody and chewed raw as was her arm were the gauze and splint were. Frankee had chewed into the seams of the wrapping of the gauze and had continued to chew away in an attempt to get the gauze off. Her bandage was all bloody and I truly saw the pain in her little eyes.This was the first time I had ever dealt with any kind of injury with one of my pets, and I had made the largest mistake I ever could have. I trusted the Vet. And went along with what they told me. I had learned the hard way from my own injuries and the dealings with so many doctors and sugreons, You had to be your own advocate. You have to follow up on the doctor. If he/she was a good doctor they would have respect for you, if not, well than you wound up with what I was about to connect to on a very cannine  level.
I should have known to ask them to put a collar on her, so she wouldn't be able to reach it. My poor little goosey it was all my fault. I should have demanded a phone call (at the very least) from the vet for an update as to where everything was going to be left. Rather than letting it be OK. that she skated out the back door as soon as Frankee was "Done." I should have stayed up with Frankee...I scooped Frankee up and put her in her hip pouch that I always wore with her in it. I put the pouch over my shoulder, sat down cuddled Frankee and the pouch in my lap and then picked up the cordless. I needed to sit for a mninute and gather my thoughts and get my cool together. There was no room for the asbolutely boiling over the top anger that  I was feeling first and foremost. Frankee was now in an even worse way and I needed to get some action taken and taken now. There were no more "yes, Ok. whatever you say "Dr"" Clearly this vet was in over her head and probably very comfortable with her every other week neuters and her yearly Rabies and vaccines routine of her to be desired  " housecall" exsistence. My first emergency call went in at 6:30am. There were many more to follow until I finally received a call back at  about Not from Dr. X but from her "receptionist." I told her of the going ons to which she replied "If the bandage has been moved then Dr. X is going to want to see her and reset it when she comes in this morning. Let me get ahold of dr.x, let her know what's going on and see if she wants me to bring you in right away." I said "Ok" and hung up, keeping my cool the entire time. You see, what I was worried about was the shifting of the bone, I knew everything had to stay in place as it was wrapped, and the fact that she had a number of areas where she had chewed  and the bandage moved I knew wasn't good, not to mention all the raw areas.
The phone rang and before it even finished the first ring it was on speakerphone and I had already said "hello" in anticipation. I told the receptionist  we were ready to come back to the hospital...,and then I sat there with my mouth open as I listened to her speak. Jenna was asking "what is it Mom?' in the back ground and all I heard was the "receptionist telling me that Dr.X had left for vacation and I needed to call her "coveringDr.,"Dr." Y down in Seymour. Well, I think you can figure out how this went, so I will save you the play by play, but to wrap it up I told the receptionist That I knew that was a lie and she had just said something entirely differnt  5 minutes ago. To which she denied ever saying what she did say, so... Yeah- that's when I saw red again and I said "Are you sure about that?"  "Because I have you recorded on my voice mail telling me something else! And the next phone call I am going to make is to my lawyer-I'm sure he'll not only find the voice mail of interest but I am pretty sure he will find it  pretty curious how you all make your cleints pay for vet services with a big chunk of cash!! To that there was silence on the other end of the phone. It took me a minute to collect myself, and when I was thought I was" pretty" calm there was still silence "Hello?" "hello? are you still there?" "Yes I am." "Ok... "I just answer the phone and I do what I am told..." This is not what I wanted to hear... I said in a (well yes) angry voice " I do not care where the h*ll Dr. x wants to say she is, please tell her if she does not call me on my cell within 1 hour she is coming home to a lawsuit." I hung up the phone, picked up my computer, and typed  "" into the address bar.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post #5 For Contest: Are You For Real??!!

                  As I sat on the john soothing Frankee, with the phone on speakerphone I was on "hold" as the one of the  sometime" receptionists tried to track down the vet ( I am sorry I cannot even grace this lady with the title  of "DR." as I really don't feel that she is at all  deserving of it.) Finally the silence broke and I had her on the other end. I explained what had happened to Frankee as quickly as I could but also in as much detail as I could. She explained that she had been in surgery all day,(spaying and neutering) and she was still there so to bring Frankee in right away and they would be all set and ready for us.. I said "OK." and hung up the phone. We hurridely got everything together, I went to get my crutches and was pleasantly suprised and very proud  upon return to see that Jenna had swaddled Frankee in one of her baby blankets, and had done so perfectly. She had  Franke wrapped up like a little Chihuahua burrito.  As we opened the door we were met by rain coming down in sheets. I didn't want to put Frankee in her little crate for fear that she might injure herself further but I didn't want our little "burrito" getting wet either. Once again, Jenna was prepared, and I was impressed . She snapped open an umbrella and we all  made a dash for the car-well she dashed and I caught up.                   We had  made it to the " Hollyburry" Animal Hospital despite the challenges Mother Nature had  dealt us and we now stood there waiting for someone or even "something" a cat- anything to hurry up and appear at the reception desk. Still NO one.
My patience can only wear so thin before I get to the point where I don't  care who is where and I am going to right the wrong of what no one seems to care to correct. So, off I go through  to the back, crutches and all in search of the damn receptionist who should have been ready and waiting for us. Of course my lovely daughter is acting like it's the end of her life and she will never be able to show her face in public ever again (even though we are the only ones there, as it is AFTER HOURS!) I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my lovely daughter stomping away and muttering to herself  as I continued on my mission to find A HUMAN BEING!! As I was exploring empty exam rooms I finally saw a face- a face that I have never seen before in my life but still... it's a FACE!  "Excuse me, we're here with Frankee- my daughter has her in the front and it's really wet out and she is shaking very badly- do you have a heating pad we could put her on?"  We have to fill out abunch of paper work before we can do anything, let's go put it together..." I begin to see red, I can feel my face turning red... and 3,..2,...1...BLOW UP (BUT THINKING I AM STILL INTACT OF MY COOL*) Excuse me? Paperwork? Don't you know who we are??  And she smartly answers "Noooooo! Don't you know who I am??" Already then... Now I KNOW my cool is on a ship to the Carribean for a long needed vacation and this woman is about to get my "saved for a very special breed of the human race" wrath unleashed on her: " I am going to say this once, so please listen well..." I said is the syrupy sickest sweetest voice I can muster(Given the fact that I want to clock her one! )" Dr. All-I want is your money" told us to come right down and that you would be ready and waiting for us, since she obviously lied, let me bring you up to speed,... Candy..." " Our Little Tiny Chihuahua, Frankee was jumping too high and I am pretty sure she broke her leg, my daughter is now holding her and she is shaking like a leaf and has a dazed look- I am afraid she is or has gone into shock! So,please may we first get her on a heating pad and let the dr. know we are here and what Frankee's condition is?" And, with that nice delivery of calm words I was given: "I am sorry Ma'am but it is hospital policy that the patient is admitted before they receive any medical att..." (*Sweet talk goes out the window*) "I do not give a S*@T what your hospital policy is you better get Frankee on a heating pad, GET  DR. (*doodoohead*) in  here or I swear to God that is not the only paperwork you are going to have to fill out( I am now yelling) She closes her mouth and turns around and goes off into a room. A minute goes by and DR. doodoohead comes rushing out asks me where Frankee is and I point to my daughter. and she rushes over and scoops Frankee up. She  says" have a seat" and disappears into the back.
No sooner do I sit down that I hear: "Here is the paper work you need to fill out (* UGH*)
                     With the paperwork 2& 1/2 hrs. behind us  and my nerves wound as tight as a rubberband ball we sat there playing "Dots".
                       Finally another woman in scrubs came out with Frankee. Frankee's leg was wrapped in a lot of gauze with a splint and taped up. The woman said that Frankee's leg would need to be checked in the middle of the week, as it was fractured between the paw and the forearm. I said you mean like the wrist area?" And to that she answered,"well yes , but technically dogs don't have wrists"(* I had absolutely had it and the actress in me had gone "stage Left" 4 hrs. ago.*) So, to that I answered:" No Kidding? really? well Frankie does. Is there anything else I need to know?" "with a scrunched up face she handed me the meds and said "I am the owner of this hospital, so if there are any problems ...(*My inner self is screaming ok!!...problems.??!!...Why do I have to put down a $650.00 dollar  CASH deposit before you will treat my animal?... I have never heard of such a thing... Your receptionist has no brain...I wish I never went with dr. ddh back when Frankee first came home with us...*)  "could you please have Dr ddh call me tommorrow?""Sure, may I let her know what it pertains to?"
"NO. Come on lovebug (my nickname for Jenna since she was a baby) Let's go home with our little Frankee.And we went home with not much more information than we walked in with...     TO BE CONTINUED...............................................................................................

Monday, March 21, 2011

Contest Post #4 The Night Frankee Jumped So High...

     It was a regular summer night, We were watching one of our regular summer shows, "America's Got Talent". Frankee was in her play pen and the other bigger dogs (largest being Teddy @ 18lbs) were all hanging out with us. The rain was pouring down, but Teddy went to the door regardless and started doing his "I want out " routine. This basically consists of him barking and licking the door until someone lets him out. That someone would be me. Let's face it, I am the Mom of a 14 yr. old girl, she does alot of things to help me, don't get me wrong and I am telling the truth when I say she really doesn't complain, but letting the dog out she does not do. I open the door and off Teddy goes into the rain and the night to run around like a barking banchee for 5 minutes, when upon completion will come back to the door and  repeat the process that got him out in the first place, to get himself back in.
      Frankee had developed abit of an attraction to Teddy. I think she thought he was cool.Whatever Teddy did Frankee did. Teddy barked,Frankee barked. Teddy stopped, Frankee stopped. Teddy did a play growl at Archee and Frankee was right over to that side of her playpen growling. So, it was no suprise when Teddy came in all excited by the rain and started to jump, that when  I spun around (As fast as Ican, given the siuation) Frankee was "catchin' some air" She  no sooner lands when off she springs again like a piece of popcorn in a popper. "Oh no Frankee, STOP!" I yelled .
But I was too late.What I had feared, happened. Frankee came down on all fours and then her front paw snapped under her. My poor Goosy started crying at the top of her lungs. We both sprung into super mode and Jenna scooped her up and gave her to me and within the couple of minutes it took me to manuever to the bathroom, I had calmed her enough that she stopped crying all together.Now, She was just shaking like a muracca. I sat down on the toilet and tried to evaluate what exactly  was her injury. Well, there wasn't much evaluating needed ,as her left little fore arm and paw lay limp, just hanging there.Now,  I have absolutely zero experience with broken bones, but I was pretty sure that was what I was looking at. Instantely a million "what ifs" started to fill my brain. People who are not animal lovers  really do not understand how these little guys sneak into our heart and are as an important part of your family as your own baby. they are your baby. they are your cute little toddler forever doing adorable things and forever being your "furbaby". To lose a pet is loosing a part of your family. I also have to say that the way dogs register pain is amazing to me. There she lay with broken bones and as soon as I started to soothe her she stopped crying. Being in a high level of pain on a daily basis myself, I found that to be absolutely  extraordinary.
                  Jenna got me the phone and dialed the number of the Vet while I soothed Frankee.
" The Vet" Who got strike  1 upon the first visit was now up to strike 2., and  I couldn't help but think that we were about to strike out.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Contest Post #3 Frankee The Chihuahua Boards the train to Splitsville

We were all packed up and ready to go with all the little and big things that Cindy had accumulated for Frankee. Cindy was really very relieved I was taking Frankee home because although she would have kept her she was really a "Rotty" girl at heart and already had 4 big dogs at home. So Frankee would have gotten lost in the crowd no matter what. Although I was anxious to get Frankee to her new forever home, there was one thing I really wanted to do before we left. I wanted to put Frankee on an accurate scale to see just what that litttle Goosy(One of those nickname's that comes to you from nowhere but sticks-you know what I mean right?)  weighed. I knew she was small but I really couldn't tell how small.. When Cindy came out with the scale I put frankee on it....Beep,Beep,beep..."Ok. All set" Cindy said as she handed Frankee to me and wrote something down.I looked down at the scale and I said "What does that translate to in lbs?"And Cindy said "That is Lbs." "what?" I said "That can't be, she is almost 7 months old-" Yes, but she's been really sick Liz" It was at that time that I was slapped out of La-La land and realized just how strong my little goosy really was. Right then and there I vowed to myself that I would everything in my power to bring her up in her weight, and get her on the road to the health she deserved. Cindy said she'd have the vet call me to set up the first puppy appt. and that she would come to my house. We agreed to meet once a week for a weigh in and off we went.
                      Never having dealt with a Vet that does house calls I really didn't know what to expect. And she was not very forthcoming on information either. So, not being one to hold back when there is information I am seeking' I started with my  questions for which I found myself getting short answers while she set up her "office" on my kitchen counter.. She spent more time with her computer and her billing system than she did with Farnkee-STRIKE 1. I had to ask her if we could weigh Frankee and with that she answered (Not asked) do you have a scale...   I couldn't believe what I was hearing, no accurate scale? Wasn't that just fundamental medicine?? One of those things you base very important needs off of? For example: Figuring out the dosing  out of medicne for an animal? Apparentely, she did not think so. Off I went to get the scale that I could hardly carry with my spinal cord injury and  walker , manuevered it to the kitchen. The great news was Frankee had gained 5ozs. in 5 days.  That was the awesome news I was waiting to hear. The bad news was I was left wondering what I was going to do about  a vet.               

Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, we did go home, guiltily leaving Frankee where she was. This is why I can't go into stores that sell puppies. I want to open the doors and let all the Frankees living there out to go free. But would that be the answer really? Then they would be out in that cold world without a home...
Seriously, I consider myself an animal activist. Advocating for any animal's protection when ever needed. And, I have to say, I have always been under the belief if you can rescue a dog, whether it be from a puppy mill, a shelter or a pet store, a rescue is a rescue, is a rescue. Bottom line is to give a needy animal a loving home. How he/she gets there is irrelevant.
So, on my return visit to the pet shop(to take a broken collar back) I wondered and hoped I would see Frankee when I got there. As I walked in on my crutches, I saw over by the puppy playpen a couple of Moms with their little toddlers teaching their little ones how to be gentle with the the baby pups. There was also a new girl working and chatting away with the moms, she looked really nice. Then I looked over to the crib, and there was no Frankee. Frankee was gone. My heart just sank. I didn't know why Frankee had touched me the way she did, or why I thought Frankee would still be there, none of it mattered now, as I went about the shop trying to keep myself busy, waiting for the opportune moment to hijack the new girl and grill- I- I mean "ask" her about Frankee. I was just getting ready to turn around and seek her out... and there she was " Are you finding everything you need?" "Bingo" I thought here is my chance, I asked, "Hi, There was a brown and white Chihuahua here about a month ago, did she get sold?" Oh yes, a few weeks ago, we should be getting..." No, no thank you, I'm not interested, but I do have this colllar to bring back, because the clasp is broken..." And for the second time I left the shop broken hearted.
I don't know what it was, but Frankee remained in nestled in the back of my brain.I didn't think of Frankee all the time, but subconciously I did. At the weirdest times I would find myself wondering how she was. What was it about this little Chihuahua? Why did I have Frankkee on the brain???? Another month went by and it was time for Lennon to go to the groomers'. So off we went down to the shop,which happens to be where our groomer was located.Cindy had a real repor with her clients and they clearly loved her, which everyone knows is a prerecquisite to a happy dog. Happy dog-Happy Mommy-Happy Mommy-Happy groomer- Happy dog and that is the circle of Love. Just change out the characters and that is the secret to life-Good Karma and care for your fellow being. Anywayoff the life lessonand back to grooming. As I was hanging out and watching Cindy perform her magic, I found myself telling Cindy about the last time I was there and the new girl telling me that Fankee had a new human. Cindy started to tell me how the brown & white Chihuahua had gone home on 2 separate occassions to 2 separate homes and did not do well at either place. Frankee had gotten very sick and almost died from Hypoglycemia not once, but twice. So, Cindy nursed her back to health and she is now in a forever home. My eyes welled up as I told her thank god she was there to save little Frankee. People who don't have small dogs don't know that when they are pups (Or even in general, one should always be aware of their bloodsugar) that they are so small they need to be fed and offered water every couple of hours otherwise their blood sugar drops and they are in grave danger of passing away. This cannot be stressed enough, and personally I do not believe these small dogs should be sold until they are abit older than the normal 8week standard that is used as a general guideline for when pups are weined from their mothers. This little bit of extra time would allow the small guys alittle more time develomentally as well as avoiding dangerous and totally avoidable experiences with Hypoglycemia, among other dangers. But, all this is an important side note. As I was grilling Cindy about how Frankee was, she assured me that Frankee's new human was taking good care of her and she was perfectly fine..." Do you want to see Chi-Chi for yourself?"" What?" "What do you mean?" Are they coming in?" I asked with my heart breaking on the inside... "No she said, Chi Chi (Frankee to you and I) is in the back, I was too nervous to let her go home with anyone else so, I kept her." "YOU WHAT?" I yelled."You have her?" But that girl the other day..." "is my daughter and she knows I don't want to give her to just anyone... But you on the other hand, if you want her..." "Of course I want her but I don't have $1400.00." Then Cindy went on to tell me that Frankee is really tiny and needs 24/7 care and thinks I would be the perfect person for the job. We worked it out that I would pay for her for the vet bill of $300.00 and she would come home with me!! Cindy explained to me that in these kind of situations,, when they know the dog is special they look for an experienced special individual to be their forever human. So, Chi Chi came home with me and became Frankee the mniute my darling daughter saw her. "Yes" I said "Frankee it is I said, Frankee it is. "

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Contest Post #1The Day Frankee The Chihuahua Came to Town...

Happy Frankee Thursday!! Happy St. Patrick's Day
I want to apologize ahead of time- I am running on Frankee's fumes right now, I have not been sleeping well the past couple of nights and I don't know what happens but when I
get on the computer to talk about Frankee its as though Frankee's shot me with a sleepy arrow! *YAWN* who's got the toothpicks? Frankee chews them- So no toothpicks for Frankee!
Give me a minute, *AYE AYE AYE*. Ok., shaking off all that "I just want to cuddle with Frankee and go nighty- nighty stuff.
Frankee came into our family menagerie in a very round about way.
It was Christmas 2009. My daughter I were in a shop to pick up a, according to my daughter, one of a kind, doesn't exsist anywhere else in the universe, must have collar. My Dear daughter got away with this reasoning for one very pertinent reason and one reason only;( beside the fact that I was about to see Frankee) The collar was on sale. So, while my dear daughter was over contemplating some very pink hair dye, for a very white dog, (Thank goodness Frankee's brown!) I noticed a little crib, I hadn't given much thought to it before, other than subconsciously dismissing it as part of the decor, just as I was going to put the ax on the pink hair dye, I saw something move...(Now, Before I start going on about how so crazy cute Frankee was, I should tell you, I am like a Chihuahua homing unit. I don't know what happens, but my radar goes up, antenneas get raised and beep... beep... beep... The words run across my brain...**CHIHUAHUA**CHIHUAHUA** CHIHUAHUA in the HOUSE!!! And sure enough there was little Frankee. Frankee was SO tiny. I had never seen a Chihuahua so tiny. She was half the size of my hand and while I looked into those big brown eyes the size of marbles, all I could think of was that our Guinea pig was bigger than she was. Frankee shared the crib with a little Yorkie who just as tiny as herself. I felt like I was there for a reason. As though I was supposed to see her. I wanted to scoop Frankee up then and there...Then, my little love affair came to a halt and my heart broke all within a matter of 20 seconds, as I read a sign that said "Chihuahua $1,400.00. "
I think I made a"phew"' sound, and looked down one last time at Frankee. Feeling broken hearted that I was going to have to leave her behind I collected the pink lady,minus her hair dye, plus a collar, pulled my crutches on and without looking down, I maneuvered past the crib.
As I got behind the driver's seat, I had the words Frankee, Frankee, Frankee... running across my brain.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Magical Mystery Tour...Of Karen Snyder's!!

Today is a big day in the FB world of crafters and Artisians!! At least MY world of crafters and Artisians! c: Karen Snyder of O. Sebastian's Chainmaille Jewelry is having a fanning party today and tommorrow and let me tell you it is a great way to meet fellow artists and see all the beautiful things everyone puts their stamp on! You know I have always felt that my Jewelry is a very personal thing to me; it really comes from my soul and therefore is very original. Something dawned on me today as I was busy visiting and fanning fellow Artisans pages; and that was: Alot of others (Now Friends) also infused a piece of their soul into their work as well. It was alittle like meeting alittle abit of the person themselves... I really didn't expect to be hit on this level, it was a feeling of geniuneness and something really pretty special. Like me, they communicated a small piece of who they really are and how they view the universe. It wasn't like their pieces were riddled with signs proclaiming this, it was more of a nuance- a twist this way, a jumper named after one's daughter, a pair of earrings capturing the pictures of loved ones...I could go on and on, but to sum it up I will just say that I made some really wonderful connections this weekend and have been welcomed into an awesome community of very talented Rocking Artisans - Thank you! c:


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Big Weekend...

Hello!! Thank You so much for taking the time to come and visit the grand opening of the Clarity of PurpleSage!!-THE BLOG! This is an action packed Grand Opening Weekend for me!!Karen Snyder, O Sebastians Chainmaille Jewelry is hosting a Fanning party And Let me tell you it's already started and its so much fun!!For those of you who don't know what a Fanning party is, ( I didn't)-you sign up for the tour bus and the tour bus travels all over the Facebook pages to all sorts of talented people's fan pages. Not only do you get to meet a bunch of new friends but you get to see how talented they are and all their handmade creations!!;- Did I say how much fun this is?? So Much!! Frankee my little (23/4 lb) sweet Chihuahua rescue is sitting here going back and forth to my store: Clarity of PurpleSage with me, it's so crazy!!

OK. Onto the next topic of the day- IDOL. I must say DD( that's code for "dear daughter" LOL) were abit (alot) disappointed inquite a few of the kid's performances. for the guys- what can I say Casey is my all time fav followed by a close James- James cracks me up, he just can't get enough of that camera!! Even when he isn't supposed to be on he sneaks in!-Last night with Ryan! I think Ryan must be very supportive of all the kids because they are all very comfortable with him. I think it will be a very challenging, awesome IDOL season! Which we really kind of felt they really needed,we felt IDOL was really losing it pizzaz in the past few seasons. It is so refreshing to see some really -out of this world-talent, rather than a group made up mostly of -gotta fill some slots- talent. And I really like JLO and Steven Tyler as new judges! They now have a full panel of musically oriented individuals who really know what they are listening to and know what they are doing. I can't wait to see who is in the top 13 !
Peace c: LIZ