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Field of Purple
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Magical Mystery Tour...Of Karen Snyder's!!

Today is a big day in the FB world of crafters and Artisians!! At least MY world of crafters and Artisians! c: Karen Snyder of O. Sebastian's Chainmaille Jewelry is having a fanning party today and tommorrow and let me tell you it is a great way to meet fellow artists and see all the beautiful things everyone puts their stamp on! You know I have always felt that my Jewelry is a very personal thing to me; it really comes from my soul and therefore is very original. Something dawned on me today as I was busy visiting and fanning fellow Artisans pages; and that was: Alot of others (Now Friends) also infused a piece of their soul into their work as well. It was alittle like meeting alittle abit of the person themselves... I really didn't expect to be hit on this level, it was a feeling of geniuneness and something really pretty special. Like me, they communicated a small piece of who they really are and how they view the universe. It wasn't like their pieces were riddled with signs proclaiming this, it was more of a nuance- a twist this way, a jumper named after one's daughter, a pair of earrings capturing the pictures of loved ones...I could go on and on, but to sum it up I will just say that I made some really wonderful connections this weekend and have been welcomed into an awesome community of very talented Rocking Artisans - Thank you! c:


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