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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post #5 For Contest: Are You For Real??!!

                  As I sat on the john soothing Frankee, with the phone on speakerphone I was on "hold" as the one of the  sometime" receptionists tried to track down the vet ( I am sorry I cannot even grace this lady with the title  of "DR." as I really don't feel that she is at all  deserving of it.) Finally the silence broke and I had her on the other end. I explained what had happened to Frankee as quickly as I could but also in as much detail as I could. She explained that she had been in surgery all day,(spaying and neutering) and she was still there so to bring Frankee in right away and they would be all set and ready for us.. I said "OK." and hung up the phone. We hurridely got everything together, I went to get my crutches and was pleasantly suprised and very proud  upon return to see that Jenna had swaddled Frankee in one of her baby blankets, and had done so perfectly. She had  Franke wrapped up like a little Chihuahua burrito.  As we opened the door we were met by rain coming down in sheets. I didn't want to put Frankee in her little crate for fear that she might injure herself further but I didn't want our little "burrito" getting wet either. Once again, Jenna was prepared, and I was impressed . She snapped open an umbrella and we all  made a dash for the car-well she dashed and I caught up.                   We had  made it to the " Hollyburry" Animal Hospital despite the challenges Mother Nature had  dealt us and we now stood there waiting for someone or even "something" a cat- anything to hurry up and appear at the reception desk. Still NO one.
My patience can only wear so thin before I get to the point where I don't  care who is where and I am going to right the wrong of what no one seems to care to correct. So, off I go through  to the back, crutches and all in search of the damn receptionist who should have been ready and waiting for us. Of course my lovely daughter is acting like it's the end of her life and she will never be able to show her face in public ever again (even though we are the only ones there, as it is AFTER HOURS!) I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of my lovely daughter stomping away and muttering to herself  as I continued on my mission to find A HUMAN BEING!! As I was exploring empty exam rooms I finally saw a face- a face that I have never seen before in my life but still... it's a FACE!  "Excuse me, we're here with Frankee- my daughter has her in the front and it's really wet out and she is shaking very badly- do you have a heating pad we could put her on?"  We have to fill out abunch of paper work before we can do anything, let's go put it together..." I begin to see red, I can feel my face turning red... and 3,..2,...1...BLOW UP (BUT THINKING I AM STILL INTACT OF MY COOL*) Excuse me? Paperwork? Don't you know who we are??  And she smartly answers "Noooooo! Don't you know who I am??" Already then... Now I KNOW my cool is on a ship to the Carribean for a long needed vacation and this woman is about to get my "saved for a very special breed of the human race" wrath unleashed on her: " I am going to say this once, so please listen well..." I said is the syrupy sickest sweetest voice I can muster(Given the fact that I want to clock her one! )" Dr. All-I want is your money" told us to come right down and that you would be ready and waiting for us, since she obviously lied, let me bring you up to speed,... Candy..." " Our Little Tiny Chihuahua, Frankee was jumping too high and I am pretty sure she broke her leg, my daughter is now holding her and she is shaking like a leaf and has a dazed look- I am afraid she is or has gone into shock! So,please may we first get her on a heating pad and let the dr. know we are here and what Frankee's condition is?" And, with that nice delivery of calm words I was given: "I am sorry Ma'am but it is hospital policy that the patient is admitted before they receive any medical att..." (*Sweet talk goes out the window*) "I do not give a S*@T what your hospital policy is you better get Frankee on a heating pad, GET  DR. (*doodoohead*) in  here or I swear to God that is not the only paperwork you are going to have to fill out( I am now yelling) She closes her mouth and turns around and goes off into a room. A minute goes by and DR. doodoohead comes rushing out asks me where Frankee is and I point to my daughter. and she rushes over and scoops Frankee up. She  says" have a seat" and disappears into the back.
No sooner do I sit down that I hear: "Here is the paper work you need to fill out (* UGH*)
                     With the paperwork 2& 1/2 hrs. behind us  and my nerves wound as tight as a rubberband ball we sat there playing "Dots".
                       Finally another woman in scrubs came out with Frankee. Frankee's leg was wrapped in a lot of gauze with a splint and taped up. The woman said that Frankee's leg would need to be checked in the middle of the week, as it was fractured between the paw and the forearm. I said you mean like the wrist area?" And to that she answered,"well yes , but technically dogs don't have wrists"(* I had absolutely had it and the actress in me had gone "stage Left" 4 hrs. ago.*) So, to that I answered:" No Kidding? really? well Frankie does. Is there anything else I need to know?" "with a scrunched up face she handed me the meds and said "I am the owner of this hospital, so if there are any problems ...(*My inner self is screaming ok!!...problems.??!!...Why do I have to put down a $650.00 dollar  CASH deposit before you will treat my animal?... I have never heard of such a thing... Your receptionist has no brain...I wish I never went with dr. ddh back when Frankee first came home with us...*)  "could you please have Dr ddh call me tommorrow?""Sure, may I let her know what it pertains to?"
"NO. Come on lovebug (my nickname for Jenna since she was a baby) Let's go home with our little Frankee.And we went home with not much more information than we walked in with...     TO BE CONTINUED...............................................................................................

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  1. The vet here is just as much of a pain when we bring our babies in to be seen.... but, I will say, they have never been as rude as your vet's office seems to be.