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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Contest Post #3 Frankee The Chihuahua Boards the train to Splitsville

We were all packed up and ready to go with all the little and big things that Cindy had accumulated for Frankee. Cindy was really very relieved I was taking Frankee home because although she would have kept her she was really a "Rotty" girl at heart and already had 4 big dogs at home. So Frankee would have gotten lost in the crowd no matter what. Although I was anxious to get Frankee to her new forever home, there was one thing I really wanted to do before we left. I wanted to put Frankee on an accurate scale to see just what that litttle Goosy(One of those nickname's that comes to you from nowhere but sticks-you know what I mean right?)  weighed. I knew she was small but I really couldn't tell how small.. When Cindy came out with the scale I put frankee on it....Beep,Beep,beep..."Ok. All set" Cindy said as she handed Frankee to me and wrote something down.I looked down at the scale and I said "What does that translate to in lbs?"And Cindy said "That is Lbs." "what?" I said "That can't be, she is almost 7 months old-" Yes, but she's been really sick Liz" It was at that time that I was slapped out of La-La land and realized just how strong my little goosy really was. Right then and there I vowed to myself that I would everything in my power to bring her up in her weight, and get her on the road to the health she deserved. Cindy said she'd have the vet call me to set up the first puppy appt. and that she would come to my house. We agreed to meet once a week for a weigh in and off we went.
                      Never having dealt with a Vet that does house calls I really didn't know what to expect. And she was not very forthcoming on information either. So, not being one to hold back when there is information I am seeking' I started with my  questions for which I found myself getting short answers while she set up her "office" on my kitchen counter.. She spent more time with her computer and her billing system than she did with Farnkee-STRIKE 1. I had to ask her if we could weigh Frankee and with that she answered (Not asked) do you have a scale...   I couldn't believe what I was hearing, no accurate scale? Wasn't that just fundamental medicine?? One of those things you base very important needs off of? For example: Figuring out the dosing  out of medicne for an animal? Apparentely, she did not think so. Off I went to get the scale that I could hardly carry with my spinal cord injury and  walker , manuevered it to the kitchen. The great news was Frankee had gained 5ozs. in 5 days.  That was the awesome news I was waiting to hear. The bad news was I was left wondering what I was going to do about  a vet.               

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  1. I am not sure what happened to my comment. I commented yesterday.

    I hope you found a better vet now for your baby. OR that the visiting vet got more interested in Frankee than she is in her computer.