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Friday, March 18, 2011


Yes, we did go home, guiltily leaving Frankee where she was. This is why I can't go into stores that sell puppies. I want to open the doors and let all the Frankees living there out to go free. But would that be the answer really? Then they would be out in that cold world without a home...
Seriously, I consider myself an animal activist. Advocating for any animal's protection when ever needed. And, I have to say, I have always been under the belief if you can rescue a dog, whether it be from a puppy mill, a shelter or a pet store, a rescue is a rescue, is a rescue. Bottom line is to give a needy animal a loving home. How he/she gets there is irrelevant.
So, on my return visit to the pet shop(to take a broken collar back) I wondered and hoped I would see Frankee when I got there. As I walked in on my crutches, I saw over by the puppy playpen a couple of Moms with their little toddlers teaching their little ones how to be gentle with the the baby pups. There was also a new girl working and chatting away with the moms, she looked really nice. Then I looked over to the crib, and there was no Frankee. Frankee was gone. My heart just sank. I didn't know why Frankee had touched me the way she did, or why I thought Frankee would still be there, none of it mattered now, as I went about the shop trying to keep myself busy, waiting for the opportune moment to hijack the new girl and grill- I- I mean "ask" her about Frankee. I was just getting ready to turn around and seek her out... and there she was " Are you finding everything you need?" "Bingo" I thought here is my chance, I asked, "Hi, There was a brown and white Chihuahua here about a month ago, did she get sold?" Oh yes, a few weeks ago, we should be getting..." No, no thank you, I'm not interested, but I do have this colllar to bring back, because the clasp is broken..." And for the second time I left the shop broken hearted.
I don't know what it was, but Frankee remained in nestled in the back of my brain.I didn't think of Frankee all the time, but subconciously I did. At the weirdest times I would find myself wondering how she was. What was it about this little Chihuahua? Why did I have Frankkee on the brain???? Another month went by and it was time for Lennon to go to the groomers'. So off we went down to the shop,which happens to be where our groomer was located.Cindy had a real repor with her clients and they clearly loved her, which everyone knows is a prerecquisite to a happy dog. Happy dog-Happy Mommy-Happy Mommy-Happy groomer- Happy dog and that is the circle of Love. Just change out the characters and that is the secret to life-Good Karma and care for your fellow being. Anywayoff the life lessonand back to grooming. As I was hanging out and watching Cindy perform her magic, I found myself telling Cindy about the last time I was there and the new girl telling me that Fankee had a new human. Cindy started to tell me how the brown & white Chihuahua had gone home on 2 separate occassions to 2 separate homes and did not do well at either place. Frankee had gotten very sick and almost died from Hypoglycemia not once, but twice. So, Cindy nursed her back to health and she is now in a forever home. My eyes welled up as I told her thank god she was there to save little Frankee. People who don't have small dogs don't know that when they are pups (Or even in general, one should always be aware of their bloodsugar) that they are so small they need to be fed and offered water every couple of hours otherwise their blood sugar drops and they are in grave danger of passing away. This cannot be stressed enough, and personally I do not believe these small dogs should be sold until they are abit older than the normal 8week standard that is used as a general guideline for when pups are weined from their mothers. This little bit of extra time would allow the small guys alittle more time develomentally as well as avoiding dangerous and totally avoidable experiences with Hypoglycemia, among other dangers. But, all this is an important side note. As I was grilling Cindy about how Frankee was, she assured me that Frankee's new human was taking good care of her and she was perfectly fine..." Do you want to see Chi-Chi for yourself?"" What?" "What do you mean?" Are they coming in?" I asked with my heart breaking on the inside... "No she said, Chi Chi (Frankee to you and I) is in the back, I was too nervous to let her go home with anyone else so, I kept her." "YOU WHAT?" I yelled."You have her?" But that girl the other day..." "is my daughter and she knows I don't want to give her to just anyone... But you on the other hand, if you want her..." "Of course I want her but I don't have $1400.00." Then Cindy went on to tell me that Frankee is really tiny and needs 24/7 care and thinks I would be the perfect person for the job. We worked it out that I would pay for her for the vet bill of $300.00 and she would come home with me!! Cindy explained to me that in these kind of situations,, when they know the dog is special they look for an experienced special individual to be their forever human. So, Chi Chi came home with me and became Frankee the mniute my darling daughter saw her. "Yes" I said "Frankee it is I said, Frankee it is. "


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  2. The story of how you came to have your little puppy is sweet. It takes someone special to take care of a special needs puppy. I am glad she found a good human!!