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Field of Purple
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Geting back in the saddle...

                 Here I am, picking up my blog once again, and I can finally say I am at a place where I am feeling well enough to say the big "C" word...Yes,  I am here by declaring,  that on this day, July30th, 2011 I am comitting to keeping up this blog.!! I will write in this blog on a daily basis- Even if not one darn person reads it and I wind up reading it to my poochies everyday!! :D
                  So... Climb on board, buckle up,  Hold On and Enjoy!!!  I have lots of great ideas rummaging around in this noodle of mine,and I think not only will we have alot of fun together, but I think we will all learn a lot of great, new inspiring things from one another along the way!!
                  The obvious question: What  has  inspired you to weed your blog, water it and  encourage the blossoms?...Well, it is really a few "Who's" that have inspired me... # (1) My friend BeanzieCat . Beanzie posted on  my page, Crafter's Creating with Pain that she had started  a blog. Beanzie then went on to tell us alittle bit about B'Sue and her upcoming Sari Ribbon Blog Hop.Well, the words "Sari Ribbon, blog hop, and B'Sue were all the "Ding, Ding Ding"  words I needed to hear, and  off I went to bring my long lost, and long  ago forgotton blog back to life."  After blowing the three months worth of dust off,  away I went, as if I had just posted yesterday!! : D
                 So let's talk alittle bit about B'Sue. For those of my  readers who are not familiar with B'Sue, she has a  wonderful website, Brenda Sue Lansdowne sells  all sorts of gorgeous American made jewelry components and findings along with beads and other items. B'sue started a blog of her own a few moths ago.She has devoted a large portion of her last newletter, along with other areas to educate  her readers on the importance of blogging for networking and promoting their business and shoppes. I cannot tell you how inspiring I have found B'Sue... from...(1) her Newsletters,  to (2) Her facebook Page, to (3)Her website,, to (4) Her Youtube Tutorials. I can with all honestly say that I am always excited to watch B'sue's videos. Not just for the information that they contain, but also for enjoyability of them. B'Sue is refeshingly  real, honest and friendly. She makes one feel as though they are visiting with a very good friend for awhile. If you are a vintage, victorian, old time kinda gal, like me, then you will enjoy B'Sue just as much as I do. Then we have the other very inspiring aspect here - The Sari Ribbon Blog Hop-I cannot wait for this!! I cannot wait for blog hops period...I could go on and on but I will close by saying: Thank You " to Beanzie and and "thank You" to B'Sue for jump starting me back into the blogging world, and waking me up...
               Three of my favorite words that just *SPARK* MY MUSE? ??
                                              *FUNKY* *FUN* *VINTAGE*

...I will be evaluating each of the Biz's on a DRAGONFLY SCALE:
            5  DRAGONFLIES++

B'sue was in no way any part of any solicitating on this page, in any manner. All of the above is purely based on my opinions and thoughts