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Saturday, December 3, 2011



I have always been very  conscience of recycling, doing all that I can to help save and preserve Mama Earth for future generations- Yup- I am THAT girl with the bumper sticker "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" on  my bumper and if it is caterorgized to be recycled I recycle it...BUT...I am just about at my wits end. I am fed up! I have had it!! Before you go all nutty and say" what does she mean she has had it with recycling??" hear me out...
It is not the actual act of recycling that I have had it with... it is actually the very opposite. I could recycle till the cows come home... as long as  the day is long...but what is really starting to get under my skin is the AMMOUNT that I am recycling!!...If I recycle one more pasta box, one more plastic bottle, one more piece of junk mail, I think I will get my freak on !! And not in a good way!! LOL!!  Seriously though, it actually all makes me abit sad that we as a society are so fixed  on "throw away".  We waste so much, our minds are just stuck  in a very selfish way for a one time use and  then to just move on...Our landfills are overflowing...even our recycling centers are overflowing! I would love to see a movement started where we, as the consumer challenge these big companies to rethink their packaging.  Not only for  the impact that it will have on our environment as a whole (which,  by the way, they should already be doing) but to also be more  conscience forward on the WASTE of their packaging. I would love to see a movement started where we as the consumers not only  demand these companies to seriously rethink their packaging and their levels of waste.. but to DELIVER a more simple, stripped down, yet functional packaging. I think what these big companies are missing in this equation is that  nothing comes without a they really want to see the sales of their product to suffer because they were unable or unwilling to rethink their wastefullness of their packaging?  This  reduction, downsizing in packaging, would and will take a mind shift, and a change for everyone innvolved. We as the consumer will probably have to sacrifice some frill and convenience, but if it means we are actively making a noticable, everyday difference in the future  preservation of  Mama Earth  then I believe the feelings of accomplishment we will all carry will be something we will shine in the forefront of our minds the next time we are sorting out our recyling bins!
...On another more personal note, I have always had a "thing" for Gift tags, googling printers, picking out designs, and then, as I was breaking down yet another pasta box it hit me...there was my material for my future Gift Tags!!...The above is the result...I am like a kid in a candy shop because the the sky- as well as the theme- is the limit!! The theme for my first tag is "faeries"-one of my most favorite muses'! I complemented the tag with some braided fibers, some of my polymer beads and hummingbird charm and made a lace flower for the tag along with a little wire wrapped brass heart ;-D
The top photo  is the front of the gift tag and here is the back of the tag...So what do you think?? What are your thoughts and views of the present packaging and the recycling of all this packaging being used? I would really love to hear from you and what your thoughts are because I do plan to continue on this... next step... sharing this blog post with some manufacturers...
Be Well! xo Liz

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time for B'Sue's Sari Hop!!!

FIRST,  I missed the hop due to family business so here is my hop entry.
              Yesterday was the day  for B'sue's Sari Blog Hop!! Yeeeee-Haaaa!!! Here is the Bracelet I made. I designed it using B'sues' Beautious Sari Ribbon that is available for purchase at  her shop: So, please, go over and check out her shoppe I promise it shall not dissapoint!!
     Ok., now, the bracelet, I used bronze wire and I crocheted a cuff decorated with tons of pebble sized glass beads of all shapes and colors. I then wove 2 pieces of Sari Ribbon and hand spun silk fiber  throughout the cuff. And, finally, I charmed it up with a bunch of Polymer Clay beads and charms that I made. I rolled the beads in some really cool colors of glitter and then finished them off with some bead caps, again from B'Sue,  and threw a few in there that have a "tyedye effect to them, Hung them on some oversizedCopper jumprings I forged out of Copper,  along with some handmade Polymer Charms in Copper. The toggle is simple,and not what I had in mind, but to be honest, I ran out of time!! (Alot going on @ the ol' chicken coop this week) SO, I shall finish up the toggle design to what I had envisioned in the first place and then show you this little Gem again...
                   Oh, and by the way, this is the first in a whole line of Sari pieces to come... and ...

                                             THIS BRACELET IS FOR SALE-


                                                       Hugs, Liz xo
         PS. Here is a photo of the bracelet looking down:
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Stepping Back And Pulling In The Reins To The Things That Truly Matter in your Heart...

                                  I am a strong believer in things happening for a reason. And after these things happen we must step back, recognize, see and process the lesson, message or reality that is meant for us to take from what has transpired. I truly believe and 100% feel that we are all given  intuition as a warning mechanism; a way to sift out what is right or wrong for us; good or bad.  Some people are more in tune with their intuition than others.There are those who are very in tune with their intuition; and base every move they make on what their   intuition tells them. And then, there are some who just plain choose not to be in "tune" with their intuition. I would be the latter.
          My intuition speaks volumes to me; and I hear it loud and clear,  I just choose more times than not to pretend  I am temporarily unable to hear its words. I choose to scurry my intuition into the deep recesses of my brain, lock the door and swallow the key with one big gulp. I have also been quite successful in convincing myself that my intuition is actually just my imagination running on overtime, therefore being able to dismiss any validity my "intuition"  might just  have  by putting this  thought process into a daily practice.
        But, I have to say,  I have finally had an epiphany, and  that, I will be the first to admit, has been a very long time coming! The realization that this "Trusting On The Cuff" has not at all worked out well for me; and that maybe, just maybe I really should not only revaluate and listen to, but heed my intuition when it comes around the FIRST time rather than listening to it resonnate in my ear  after it has sputtered the "I told you sos's" for the 90th time and "You should have just listened to my ever so SUBTLE nuances that you picked up on but chose to I-G-N-O-R-E the first time!!"
         A while back, around the beginning of  March, my intuition started quietly dropping in, staying long enough to sputter in my ear and then fly off  the way it came, ALWAYS, very clearly,  leaving the door wide open upon exiting. And, as par us-ual, I filed it and continued on the path I thought, for the most part, I was ever so fortunate to have found my way onto.  So onward down the path I travelled, and sure enough, once again, I was cornered by my intuition. This time, when my intuition showed up delivering the same message I had become so accustomed to hearing, I wasn't so fast to dismiss it. I had finally realized that my intuition carried creditibility; and that the door that was always wide open behind it was now closed. So what did I decide to do with my intuition you ask?...Well let's just say when the sun rose the next day not only did I have clarity but I could hear perfectly and  my intuition was holding out a fresh cup of Coffee!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Back In Town...And Time To Announce The Winner Of Those Fabby,Funky, Victorian Dangles!!




                            CONGRATS TERRI!!!!

The  Results from
  Sousfire Designs

Thanks to everyone who entered!!! :)   keep your eyes peeled for the next contest!!!
 ***Terri~ Please contact me @ www.beadon96@

Friday, September 23, 2011

Well, It's not 3:00 But It is REVEAL TIME...

Good Evening Folks~
Okey Dokey, so here is the Givaway  Prezzy~
When I look at these earrings  they take me back to a time of manners, elegance, and intrigue.
    The medallions are made of Polymer Clay in Antique Gold.... I treated them Luminiere Acrylics,  layered in 98% pure Silver leaf, and  glazed  them. The dangles are Sterling Silver,  with Swarvoski  Crystals and Sterling Silver  beads.
Here's is the Equation:
Become a follower of my Blog + Leave a comment = you are in the Hat  for a chance to win the Earrings!!
I am going to use to choose the winner. 
The drawing will be on September 30th.
 Time to be announced
Thanks For Visiting!!!
\(((((SOFT HUGGLES))))) 
ps.~stay tuned for a suprise twist to come!!!                                       

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Hi Everyone -
     Just a quick note for those who are yet to visit for the BSBP,- If you click on the photo you will get a detailed shot-
           Thanks for Looking !!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Good Morning Everyone!!
     What is the saying the 36th time is the charm??? I sure hope so!! I am experiencing technical difficulties!! I tried to set my blog up to post at 5:00 a.m. this morning and all heck broke loose. I must say Blogger and I do have a love/hate relationship- and-  I do get hiccups-and-  of course my blog had to choose Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party to get those hiccups!... Well let's hope this will all be  behind us and my blog will save and I will be able to post it...NOW ON WITH THE SHOW:
          Welcome to my Bead Soup Party Page!! The hostess of the Bead soup blog Party is the  wonderful and ever-so-helpful Ms. Lori Anderson! Being a newbie to the party I cannot say enough about how well executed, and easy to follow everything has been. You can follow this link and it will take you to all the other participants of the party and their lovely creations:
              Now let's talk about that necklace up there!! This is the necklace I made with all the ingredients my  BSBP partner, Anitra sent me. I decided to Crochet all the beads into a necklace and then wrapped the Crocheted beads in Burgundy Greek Leather And  Varigated Hand Spun Silk. I made a Lariat Design with the toggle clasp Anitra Sent me, and accented the toggle with the focal bead and some beaded charms that I made.I  made a charm out of the butterfly Anitra sent and included it half way down the toggle Accent.
              My partner Anitra is From North Carlolina , and I had a great time getting to know her and becoming friends with her during this whole creative process. You can find her blog at:
.....ok now, I am going to stop while I am ahead because I almost lost this whole thing again while trying to add a photo of Anitra's beads when she sent them to me. I will post that photo seperately.
                       THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING!! 
You can visit my shoppe at: ( I am in the process of revamping and restocking so please check back within a week for all new Fall additions !! :)