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Field of Purple
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bead Soup Simmering Away...

  Good MorningTo All !!

          Well It is about time- my blog has finally made it to the other side of reconstruction!! So from here we will start building the days of fun and givaways and get this blog rolling!! I cannot thank every single person enough for remaining patient with me...I promise you will not regret it!!!
 for the fun.... my partner in the beadsoup with Lori Anderson is Anitra! Anitra is a really nice gal and she is planning her wedding- Isn't that so exciting?? Here is her blog-  please go check her out, you won't be sorry!!
          So now, without further ado here  is a photo of what I sent to Anitra for the Challenge, I hopeshe is happy with it...ok now before you start thinking how awful that photo is- I did it on purpose, so Anitra wouldn't really be able to make it out if she was visiting...Hee Hee hee. After she gets her pkg. I will postbetter photos, promise. Basically I sent her some Leopard Jade beads along with some polymer charms,  flowers and a focal that I have made, along with a  toggle clasp that I also made...Hope she likes it!! I can't wait to see what she thinks...

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  1. I'm sure the beads will be wonderful and looking forward to the hop. I didn't enter as I don't know much about beading. :)