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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Setting up a postal scale, shipping from home and holy Cow Batman!!

    Hi There all you Sweet Chickens!!
               *blows through lips * Geesh! Am I worn out!A huge thanks to all  for sticking around my blog and being patient while I am trying to iron out all the kinks and get this baby off  training wheels and flying free!!
               So you might be wondering what keeps detouring me away from getting my blog rocking & rolling ...well, here it is: I got my computer back from the geek squad on Tuesday (after being hacked and scaring the beejeevies out of me) and I got right to work setting up my -ship from home-system. I got the scale last week, along with the printer.I had the first round of pkgspacked and ready to be shipped. I got the shipping labels at Staples, had my stash of recycled mailers with the new mailers  and boxes already to go along with my  gift wrapping paraphenalia. It was all system go!! FINALLY!! I had been waiting for  this moment forever!!...And then it happened...I went on line to to start things off... but they  were stopped before they began...the system would not allow me to send first class, only Priority shipping. I was on the phone to the 800 # 3 separate times and was given the 3 differnt answers. I did finally get ahold of my local postmaster who is setting me up with someone from the regional office to figure things out. If I knew I was going to be forced to send my pkgs priority mail I would not have ordered the scale. First class and Priority ship within the same delivery time but the difference in price comes in @ almost a 50% savings!!  I welcome any and all advice from seasoned shippers, so please do tell all!
                        Good news came through this weekend,  Lori Anderson's bead soup party kicked off and i am particpating for the first time!! I have wanted to do this since I saw the last party and this time I was in time for all the festivities!! I have a really awesome partner,and i can't wait to tell you all about her, but i just want tocheck in with her first. Hopefully tomorrow's post will be all about thesoup ingredients I want to send her and all about her.
                      Another reason I have been SO SCARCE lately is that i have been researching all about the layout of a blog, posting badges, and photos.So we will see in the A.M. Right now Mr. Sandman is tugging on my eyelids, so I will wish you the sweetest of dreams...
Until tomoroooooo...


  1. i think you can only do the priority through the usps site. To do 1st class you have to go through the paypal site. Correct me if I'm wrong. I will see if I can find the url where you do it through paypal but don't have to get your money from there.

  2. I think this is the url for paypal ship now page.