Field of Purple

Field of Purple
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here is the List!

The List of Rockin'Chicks
                             Entered To Win "Blue Hawaii":

                    (1) Kathleen Copeland

                    (2) Charlie Kuznair

                    (3) "Lelier"

                    (4) Debbie Beechy

                    (5) Rose Rector

                    (6) Patti O'Neil Martin

                    (7) Vicky Carra

                    (8) Ginny Driscoll

                    (9) Corinna Neisinger Cambanes

                    (10) Amber Hirschfelt

                    (11) Danielle Lewandowski

                    (12) Karen Snyder

                    (13) Beanzie

Ok., now I am off to for the drawing -BBS <3<3


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