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Field of Purple
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Getting All my Chickens in a Row....

                   So here we are, it's Monday... and what a great response COPS  is getting!! I could not be happier for our re-intro into the great wide world  of BLOGGING!! The FIRSTgreat suprise I got was all my new buds following my blog!!-SO COOLIO!! THANK YOU- I will work very hard not to disappoint! Everyone can be sure that I will be following your blog in return- promise!! Welcome- I am so excited about all the fun and funky I have planned and  hope that you all enjoy all the content I am planning on splashing these pages with... The SECOND big suprise?? B'Sue, of gave ME a wonderful, little write up on her blog,! I was not only truly ,totally suprised( I WAS NOT BROWN NOSING- SWEAR!!(for those of you who do not get that comment, you need to go read Saturday's blog! ;-p! he he)- just being honest...)...but anyhoo B'sue very nicely wrote a couple of great, sweet pieces about COPS on her blog and even managed to fit in my group on Facebook, Crafter's Creating with Pain!! I was beyond thankful and happy with that one!!-Thank -You Miss B'Sue :)!!
                          We just came out  of a very loud and crazy thunder and lightening storm...I think the poochies are even happier than I am that it is over. I love summer storms, and I love the way everything smells after a summer storm but when they get violent and you start to hear the fire engines... those we can do without...
                          Ok, alittle something I forgot to mention the other day:
                           I will not be blogging on Saturday and Sundays-we will be blogging on Monday-thru     Friday.... (but I do reserve the right to throw one in on weekends when needed!! ;-D)

                          Gotta Go Get Dinner Going... Oh and get ready to see who is going to get the Bachelorette!!(Yup...have subjected myself to that mindless TV and have to say I am hooked... :o) )
                                                       Peace Out!!
                                                        xo Liz :)

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