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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mindless TV. at the cost of a poor guy wearing his heart on his sleeve... and getting the ol' heave ho

I really felt like I needed to about this...
   Last night I  had a reality check into what the studios feed to the American public on a daily basis.In yesterday's blog I talked about having to go, to watch the season finale of a show my daughter and I have been following, called "The Bachelorette" I referred to the show as mindless TV. I would now like to add a few more adjectives  now to describe this show: Heartless, cruel, immature,unrealistic and a waste of money that our nation as a whole is so desperately in need of to reduce the nation's debt. This show and the countless others like it that are clogging up our airways and eating up our brains are so much more than a disapointment. I can honestly say that as I  sat watching this ridiculousness it hit me as to how messed up we really are as a nation with our, "The bachelorette" is history  in my house, as is every other show with any resemblance to it...I am just wondering, If we were all to 86 these shows out of our homes nationwide, what kind or an impact would we wind up having??...Hmmm...Food For Thought...ANYONE GAME?


  1. I hate shows like that! I'm ready to pitch them all out the window. I'm game! :D

    ps. my site is a work in progress...but I couldn't resist commenting here!

  2. We ditched the TV all together when my daughter was born, 8 years ago. Since then, my productivity has shot through the roof, I'm reading more, and I am so happy that I get to spend so much time with my kiddo.

    I'm an "information junkie", and I had justified my addiction by watching The Learning Channel, Animal Planet, and all of those remodeling shows. The only problem was, I wasn't using any of that information in my life! Why do I need to know about the mating habits of newts anyway?

    Throw out the "idiot box". You'll be so much happier with your life, believe me!