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Field of Purple
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Stepping Back And Pulling In The Reins To The Things That Truly Matter in your Heart...

                                  I am a strong believer in things happening for a reason. And after these things happen we must step back, recognize, see and process the lesson, message or reality that is meant for us to take from what has transpired. I truly believe and 100% feel that we are all given  intuition as a warning mechanism; a way to sift out what is right or wrong for us; good or bad.  Some people are more in tune with their intuition than others.There are those who are very in tune with their intuition; and base every move they make on what their   intuition tells them. And then, there are some who just plain choose not to be in "tune" with their intuition. I would be the latter.
          My intuition speaks volumes to me; and I hear it loud and clear,  I just choose more times than not to pretend  I am temporarily unable to hear its words. I choose to scurry my intuition into the deep recesses of my brain, lock the door and swallow the key with one big gulp. I have also been quite successful in convincing myself that my intuition is actually just my imagination running on overtime, therefore being able to dismiss any validity my "intuition"  might just  have  by putting this  thought process into a daily practice.
        But, I have to say,  I have finally had an epiphany, and  that, I will be the first to admit, has been a very long time coming! The realization that this "Trusting On The Cuff" has not at all worked out well for me; and that maybe, just maybe I really should not only revaluate and listen to, but heed my intuition when it comes around the FIRST time rather than listening to it resonnate in my ear  after it has sputtered the "I told you sos's" for the 90th time and "You should have just listened to my ever so SUBTLE nuances that you picked up on but chose to I-G-N-O-R-E the first time!!"
         A while back, around the beginning of  March, my intuition started quietly dropping in, staying long enough to sputter in my ear and then fly off  the way it came, ALWAYS, very clearly,  leaving the door wide open upon exiting. And, as par us-ual, I filed it and continued on the path I thought, for the most part, I was ever so fortunate to have found my way onto.  So onward down the path I travelled, and sure enough, once again, I was cornered by my intuition. This time, when my intuition showed up delivering the same message I had become so accustomed to hearing, I wasn't so fast to dismiss it. I had finally realized that my intuition carried creditibility; and that the door that was always wide open behind it was now closed. So what did I decide to do with my intuition you ask?...Well let's just say when the sun rose the next day not only did I have clarity but I could hear perfectly and  my intuition was holding out a fresh cup of Coffee!


  1. I was looking for your Sari Ribbon Blog Hop entry and found this musing. You really must be whispering in my ear because I completely understand where you are coming from even if we don't know where we are going.

  2. I am a strong believer that we are always meant to take the lesson to help make us even better in spirit,soul and conscience being. :)